Trade Facilitation Unit - Raw Meat

Raw Meat - Fresh meat, minced meat or mechanically separated meat.

Import Conditions:

  1. The processing facility must have a HACCP program in place verified by the competent authority;
  2. The facility must be registered under the competent authority in the country where the raw meat was produced and processed;

Labeling Requirements:

  1. Raw Meat shall meet all labelling and other food safety requirements of the Food Safety and Quality Food Regulations;
  2. Raw meats shall meet the labelling requirements in the General Standard for the Labelling of Prepackaged Foods (CODEX STAN 1-1985) and the CARICOM Regional Standard for the Labelling of Prepackaged Foods.

Supporting Documents:

  1. Present an export license to Customs from the country of export prior to placement of an order;
  2. A certificate of origin must be produced;
  3. All imported raw meat must produce a sanitary/health certificate, signed by a Veterinarian that indicates that the meat processing plant has been inspected;
  4. A declaration that “the raw meat product is free from contamination and is safe for human consumption”;
  5. Documentation indicating that the exporter is approved (registered) for international trade to The Bahamas by that country’s competent authority.

Shipping Requirements:

  1. The storage and transport of meat should be carried out at the right temperature (0oC/32oF or below) and in a manner that does not have an adverse impact on its safety and suitability.

Quality Standards:

  1. Raw Meat shall comply with maximum residue levels for veterinary drugs and pesticides as established by Codex Alimentarius.
  2. Raw meat shall comply with the General Principles of Food Hygiene (CAC/RCP 1-1969) and the Code of Hygiene Practice for Meat (CAC/RCP 58-2005).